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**Best Director NYIFF 2009**
*Official Selection New York International Film Festival 2009*
*Official Selection Pocono Mountains Film Festival 2009*

"This movie will be a cult classic."
"Ambiguous and mysterious, just like life." "A thinking person's film." "Insidious is different." "It rears against the formulaic process, and is not another moronic, homogenized piece of lowest-common-denominator bull." Quad Cinema, NYC Audience comments

"Stuffed with enough plot to keep a daytime soap opera in emotional meltdowns, reversals of fortune and shocking revelations for months...that eventually come together in a climax..." Maitland McDonagh, TVGuide.com

"Finally caught this flick, and the arrogant a-hole critics missed it by a mile. This is a low budget independent film, not a $100 million dollar tent-pole movie that's been made a dozen times before. That kid, James Schram as 'Donny' was good, with a great look, energy and authenticity. There are so many things I liked about this film: the music, the treasure chest of characters and fresh faces, each scene like a short movie in it self, the transition shots, and the fact that I wanted more at the end. The writer director hit upon something; a gritty down and dirty story of New York City with a style of its own that deserves an encore. What a great idea for a future pay cable series." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1225292/usercomments

"I saw this movie in Florida in October and loved the naturalistic approach the director used in building the story and the visuals. He shot it simply, yet it has great depth, with some of the most beautiful and unusual New York City shots I have ever seen. The back ground music and songs have a haunting quality to them, and do not overpower the spoken words, like most movies I see these days that are music videos with some dialogue. This is a mysterious film, with some very strong performances, especially the young man who portrays the lead role of Donny, and the gal that plays Arin. The story, intertwines a lot of New York characters that all come together toward the end of the film. This movie has some great lines, that stick with you afterwards, and the story is really relevant in todays world. I have always loved films that let me make up my own mind about what is happening, rather than being force fed on what to think, and this film delivers that in spades." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1225292/usercomments

Warning: Insidious contains nudity, violence, and strong adult language.

Looking for a way to finance his indie film, aspiring young director Donny Rocconi (James Schram) takes a job as a debt collector -- and soon finds himself entangled in a web of extortion, blood money and murder. When help from a mob-connected friend Gigetto (Augustus Diorio) lands Donny on the wrong side of the Russian Mafia, he's forced to take matters into his own hands to defend the people he loves in this powerful and mysterious urban drama.

Copyright 2008
Romantic Troubadour Entertainment

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Tags: truth, family, drugs, youth, romance, music, sex, Entertainment, Guns, drama, murder, mystery, independent, thriller, love, urban, cops, New York City, Relationships, Mob, Honesty, Spirit, nudity, intelligent, raw, strong performances, New York under-belly, made in USA, seductive, Rock & Roll

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